Launchpad Pro

Novation opened the source code of their Launchpad Pro so people can create custom firmwares for it. Here are the ones I've made.

32 step sequencer

32 step

This firmware changes your Launchpad Pro in a 16 track 32 step sequencer. It just needs to receive MIDI clock and transport (it can only be slave) and it will output notes on the USB and/or the MIDI DIN out port

The outer round buttons represent the steps of the current track. You can input a note by tapping on the keyboard while holding one or several steps. Velocity is recorded and can as well be adjusted by pressing (aftertouch) the keyboard pad. Also, the last input note is kept in memory and used when inserting a new step in the sequencer, so it's quicker to input the same note multiple time.

By default the grid displays a four octave keyboard. It's used to play and input notes on the current track. Base octave can be changed by tapping a pad in the last column.

Clicking the Setup button switches between the Keyboard and Setup mode of the grid. This Setup mode allows you to select the current track, change track parameters, mute tracks, clear tracks and toggle the MIDI thru functionality. Note that you can as well keep the Setup button pressed while selecting a new track for example, and it will quickly go back to the keyboard display when releasing the button.

In the Setup mode, the two top rows represent the sixteen tracks. Depending on what track mode you're, you can either Select the current track, Mute/unmute tracks, Clear tracks. Choosing the track mode is done using the three left pads of the bottom row.

In the Select track mode, tapping a pad of the two top rows will select the current track. While holding this pad pressed, you can change several parameters of the track :

  • Tapping one of the step pads will change the track length to this step.
  • Tapping one pad of the 3rd and 4th rows will change the track MIDI channel (1-8 for the first row, 9-16 for the second).
  • Tapping one pad of the 5th row will change the track speed. The corresponding step length are : 32nd notes, 16th note triplets, 16th notes, 8th note triplets, 8th notes, quarter note triplets, quarter notes, half notes
  • Tapping one pad of the 6th row will rotate it. The first four pad rotate the track to the left (CCW) respectively by 4, 3, 2 and 1 steps. The last four pad rotate the track to the right (CW) respectively by 1, 2, 3 and 4 steps.
  • Tapping one of the last three pads of the bottom row will select the MIDI port where the notes of this track are sent to. The three possible output ports are : USB Standalone, USB MIDI, DIN MIDI

In the Mute track mode, tapping a pad of the two top rows will mute or unmute the corresponding track. An unlit pad represents a mute track and a lit pad, an unmute track.

In the Clear track mode, tapping one time a pad of the two top rows will arm the track, tapping it a second time will clear it.

In the Setup mode, tapping one of the last three pads of the bottom row will enable/disable MIDI thru for the corresponding MIDI port. The three output ports are : USB Standalone, USB MIDI, DIN MIDI.